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Transcription JO Government Printing Office P. Box St. General Section 1. Aircraft Nationality Assignments Section 1. It is also used by other agencies that provide air traffic control, communications, weather, charting, and associated services. It is also used by the aviation public.

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This publication may be purchased from the U. Government Printing Office. Contractions lend freedom to communication s in general correspondence.

Without them, written communication becomes cumbersome. Contractions save space on telegraphic circuits, tabulating and computer equipments, charts, drawings and reports.

Standard ICAO abbreviations and codes are to be used, wherever possible. These are available in ICAO document Signs and symbols included as part of a contraction are limited to those available on FAA communications equipment. Contractions composed of both upper and lower case letters cannot be used in telegraphic communications.

In some cases, a contraction may include letter and number combinations. A contraction should retain an alphabetical similarity to the longer word or phrase.

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Words of five letters or less are not to be contracted. Contractions g. Excessively long contractions will not be adopted.

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Prepositions, conjunctions, and articles should be omitted in forming contractions. The slant may be substituted, if necessary. A pronounceable word should be attained, if possible, when contracting a phrase. Abbreviations that are unique to a particular publication must not be listed in this order. A contraction may have more than one meaning. There are four different categories which constitutes this rational. These categories are air traffic, general, meteorological weather and international aeronautics ICAO.

In cases where a contraction may be unfamiliar to the recipient, spell out the word or phrase the first time it is used and follow it with the contraction in parenthesis. Contractions stated should read fluently with the remainder of the text. If questionable, the recipient should refer back to the originator. The contractions in this order may normally be used for any derivative of the root word.

Recommendations must include a description of the need for a proposed contraction and the frequency of its use.

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The combination of these elements is limited to four 4 diferențe de hipermetropie și miopie. A Design Number is assigned to each basic airplane. Design Numbers may be 1 through Requests concerning foreign manufactured aircraft should be submitted to the state of manufacture. This section contains information, direction, and guidance to be used when obtaining International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO company designators and telephony designators call signs for those operators and servicing organizations that request or are required to obtain designators.

Commercial, domestic, and international operators use designators for air traffic control ATC operations. The company designator, together with a flight number, serves as the aircraft identification in the ATC system. Company designators miopia structurii ochilor valid only for company business in accordance with the provisions of its operating certificate or servicing organization.

Pilots will use standard identification procedures for personal flying. The company designator serves as the aircraft identification for the ATC system in several situations. ATC system. In the interests of safety, AJV-2 reserves the right to revise or cancel a designator assignment in the event of confusion or misuse. The FAA will not assign a three-letter company identifier nor its associated telephony designator without their approval by ICAO for world-wide use.

Scheduled aircraft operators that operate seven or more non-seasonal international air operations each week or at least 15 PMPK Vision Top Pyshma, domestic round-trip air operations each week; c.

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The four types of designators are entitled and described as follows: 1. Company designator ICAO three-letter designator ; 2. Telephony designator used instead of phonetically pronouncing the three-letter company designator associated with the aircraft call sign ; 3.

Special telephony designator special handling ; and 4. Local telephony designator local visual flight rules VFR operations only. Chartered aircraft operators that may require use of the AFTN; 3. Aircraft operators that require an ICAO three-letter designator for security purposes; or 4.

Flight service companies and organizations that meet none of these requirements but are deemed worthy of an ICAO three-letter designator i. The telephony designator used instead of phonetically pronouncing the three-letter company designator associated with the aircraft PMPK Vision Top Pyshma sign is usually assigned by ATO AJV-2 at the same time as the ICAO three-letter designator.

The call sign, together with a flight number, is the aircraft identification for radio voice communications with air traffic personnel. The telephony designator should be phonetically pronounceable in English.

Numbers and phonetic letters may not be assigned as part of a telephony designator; however, existing telephony designators which violate this rule will remain in effect. Use of telephony designators: 1. Increases accountability; operational security and 2. Reduces online noise distractions that create similar sounding telephony designator confusion; 3.

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Expedites air and ground communication, enhances auditory recognition, and reduces potential for mistakes in verbal communication; and 4. Satisfies specific requirements for international flight operations.

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Examples of situations PMPK Vision Top Pyshma which ATO may authorize a special designator include: 1. Commemorative flight; 3. Large number of aircraft participating in an organized race; 4. Aircraft operating during emergencies or disasters; or 5. Aircraft that need special handling for security or test purposes.

Special telephony designators may be issued as valid for a limited duration, corresponding to the event requiring special handling. A special identifier, from four to five characters, is assigned in conjunction with the special telephony.

The special PMPK Vision Top Pyshma, when pronounced, is the special telephony. Flight schools or other operators which operate predominantly in a limited airspace are encouraged to investigate a local telephony identifier if it will improve communications and enhance safety.

ICAO will not grant a three-letter identifier to this type of operator. The operator or service organization must submit the following information for a three-letter designator and the telephony designator request: 1.

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The name and address of operator or servicing organization; 2. The type of aircraft operation or service provided a list magnitudinea acuității vizuale the operators served is required for service operations ; 3.

If applicable, a copy of the operator published flight schedule, monthly flight history, or projected flight schedule, highlighting international flight activity; 4. Choices for requested three-letter designators and telephony designators, listed in their desired order. Special Telephony Designator.

Government aircraft operators U. Operators must submit the following information for the special telephony designator request: 1. Type of flight; 2.

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Type of handling required; 3. Type and number of aircraft; and 4. Routes and duration of operation. Local Telephony Designator. Local telephony designators are used only for communications with air traffic facilities for VFR operations as specified in a letter of agreement LOA between the local facility or service area and the requesting applicant.

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The LOA will contain provisions to ensure that the applicant uses local telephony designators only with facilities or service areas that are signatories to the agreement. The service center or facility will issue the signed LOA to PMPK Vision Top Pyshma applicant. Notification of change or release should be made when: 1.

Operations are permanently suspended or cancelled; 2. Company name or address changes; or JO A single operating certificate is issued resulting in a company name holding more than one designator.

Typically one of the existing designators is retained, and the other is cancelled.